Conference „Ashes from Power Generation” 2021


The annual conference „Ashes from Power Generation” is  already behind us. The organizer of the event, Polish Coal Combustion Products Union (Polish CCP Union), invited the representatives of the industry, scientific circles and both local and state authorities to discuss the policy for raw materials and the issues of circular economy.

During the three-day expert sessions there were discussed all the most burning issues such as the transformation of Poland’s and Europe’s power systems and the impact of  various power mix scenarios on local CCP.

‘The next few years will surely be a great challenge for the industry. I do believe, however, that coal combustion products can be successfully used to improve the climate. The building industry, for instance, could make use of  fly ashes and slags instead of already scarce natural resources or high emission materials’, says Kamil Szczygielski, the CEO of EKOTECH Group. ‘Our TEFRA binder, produced on the basis of CCP, has been helping to reduce the level of carbon footprint of the road, railway or large scale  investments for over a decade now. Thanks to that we have a real impact on circular economy.’

The event was also a perfect opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas on how to both rationally and effectively manage the resources such as CCP in terms of costs.

There was also place to discuss the report presented last summer by the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change. Yet another time it was stressed how crucial it is to adequately regulate and normalise CCP at both European and national level. REACH regulation for classic fly ash and the current registration status within its requirements were also under discussion.