Closing the Loop in economy

Since the beginning of our operations, our business has been consistent with the fundamentals of a circular economy. This model is based on the assumption that the value of products, materials, and resources should be maintained in the economy for as long as it is possible. Its objective is to reduce waste generation to a minimum. In this concept, raw materials are put into circulation many times over and are often transferred from one industry to another.

A circular economy is much broader than recycling which focuses only on the final stage of a product’s lifecycle and reusing the waste it generated.

In the case of a circular economy, the entire lifecycle of a product is taken into account, starting from the design phase, so that it may be used for as long as possible, and so that at the end of the product’s life, it could still be possible to utilize many of its elements and materials in other industries, thereby closing the circulation and minimizing the generation of waste.

In our case, the product that we’re putting back into circulation is ash generated in the process of hard coal combustion, which is used in the construction industry and agriculture.

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The EKOTECH Group was established and has been developing due to research on innovations. Since its inception, the Company has collaborated with universities and research institutions, which allows us to develop even more effective applications for ash and affects its properties.

For more than 20 years we have maintained close cooperation with, among others, the Universities of Technology in Warsaw, Częstochowa, and Łódź and the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin. We also work with a number of institutions, such as the Road and Bridge Research Institute, the Institute of Power Engineering, the Fertilizers Research Institute in Puławy, and the AGH University of Science and Technology.

As a company that invests in knowledge and innovation, we have been awarded in the GreenEvo – Green Technology Accelerator project of the Ministry of Environment.

Innovation for people
and a better environment

Our mission is to rationalize and increase the efficiency of projects implemented by our Clients while respecting the natural environment.

In our production processes, we use substances registered in the European Chemicals Agency – our materials are completely safe for the natural environment and living organisms.

We contribute to protecting the environment not only by deploying low-carbon replacements for products such as cement and lime. Additionally, by restoring degraded areas, we bring them back to the environment and thus reduce the negative environmental impact of the industry.